5 Creepy Creatures You Don’t Want in Your Pipelines

With Halloween here, there’s plenty of scary things around to enjoy. Most people don’t connect Halloween and all things spooky with plumbing. However, you might be surprised to know that several creepy creatures have made their way into pipelines and through toilets. To celebrate the season, Plumb On shares terrifying tales of five creepy creatures caught in pipelines. Keep reading to learn more, if you dare.

5 Creepy Creatures You Don't Want in Your Pipelines

1. Frogs

If a frog makes its way into your pipelines, you might discover it by sound. Frogs may not scratch or gnaw, but they certainly produce sound. If you hear odd noises coming from the drains or behind walls, don’t get too spooked. It may simply be time to contact a plumber.

2. Possums

Possums are ugly and mean—there, we said it. It’s bad enough to come across one by mistake outdoors, let alone in your home. Believe it or not, possums can hold their breath and swim for long periods. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be the first time these creepy critters made their way up through a toilet. On one hand, the benefit is that this usually occurs with baby possums. On the other, no one wants a possum in their toilet – baby or not.

3. Squirrels

Like most other animals, squirrels go where they smell food. Sometimes, they enter the plumbing vents searching for the food source, get lost in your pipelines, and emerge in the toilet instead of the kitchen. More than one homeowner has been surprised by a toilet creature as they tried to relieve themselves. Talk about scary!

4. Rats

Of all the creepy creatures in your pipelines, you may be the least surprised to learn rats make the list. The giant rodents live in sewers, swim, and don’t mind filth. In addition to the creep factor of finding a rat in the toilet, add the fact that they carry tons of diseases. Additionally, they wreak havoc in the home, and they get the chance to reproduce, should they make their way out of the toilet. Finally, their clawing and scraping can degrade the pipes and cause damage. 

5. Snakes

Snakes get in your pipelines the same way as other pests. However, they can invade “naturally” because their owner dumped them. Just imagine thinking you’re alone in the privacy of your bathroom when you see one of these guys emerge from below. Some people would rather have a sump pump flood their entire basement over this jump scare. Fortunately, all of these things have a remedy.

Plumbing Repairs & Other Services

To address the risk of creepy creatures in your pipeline, you’ll need a professional’s help. Our plumbers can find the end of your pipeline and cover it with a wire mesh. Moreover, they can make other adjustments and plumbing repairs without compromising the rest of the plumbing. If you have personal or commercial property in Indianapolis, contact us at (317) 659-6225