Water Heater Installation

For expert hot water heater installation and repairs, you can count on the professionals at Plumb On. Request service today for your Indianapolis home or business by contacting us at (317) 659-6225.

Water Heater Repairs

When your water heater is not working properly, call the professional team at Plumb On. We work on all types of hot water heaters including gas, electric, and tankless. When these appliances work at their best, you can enjoy hot showers, sparkling dishes, and clean laundry. If you begin to notice issues with your hot water, such as the ones listed below, it may be time to have a professional plumber come take a look at your hot water heater:

  • Little to no hot water.
  • Varied temperatures.
  • Smelly water.
  • Low water pressure.
  • Leaks from the water heater.
  • Burned out elements.

Water Heater Installation & Replacement

There are times when the water heater in your home simply cannot be repaired and you need a new one installed instead. This often occurs when your hot water heater is around 10 years or older. When it’s time to replace a hot water heater, Plumb On relies on the dependable hot water heaters built by Bradford White. These hot water appliances are reliable, cost-efficient, and also provide these advantages:

  • Help you save money on utility costs.
  • Provide a more efficient means of heating water.
  • Offer an increased energy rating of 92% - 98% energy efficiency.

Repair or replace your water heater with Plumb On!

Why Choose Plumb On?

While Plumb On does provide dependable water heater installation, we offer more than high-quality service and workmanship. We are a family-owned and -operated company that focuses on meeting the needs and wants of our customers rather than making more sales. Our team does its best to repair and maintain your plumbing and appliances first, offering replacement or installation solutions only when necessary. We absolutely refuse to upsell any of our customers on unnecessary repairs. If you’re looking for a company with good old-fashioned values that cares about its customers and employees, then you’ve found one in Plumb On.


Work with the Experts

Plumb On gladly serves Indianapolis, Broad Ripple, Fountain Square, Speedway, Meridian Hills, and Irvington, along with the nearby areas of Carmel, Fishers, and Zionsville. Not only do we offer top-notch water heater installation, but we also provide sump pump repairs, water softener repairs, plumbing remodeling, commercial plumbing repairs, and several household plumbing repairs. Request a free estimate for your Indianapolis home or business by calling (317) 659-6225 today.

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